Revealing Your Destiny: How Artistic Creations Reflect Your True Purpose

The Milan Art Gallery located in downtown Sarasota, Florida

"We will have three booths at the festival: one for dream interpretation, one for healing, and one for destiny drawing. I hear we have some artists with us today. Raise your hand if that's you." John and I sheepishly raised our hands, wondering what we were getting ourselves into. "Great! You two will be in the destiny drawing booth. Don't worry, you'll do great!" My heart began to pound with not only excitement but sheer anxiety for the unknown and the fear of not meeting expectations.

Destiny Drawings

We had been asked to paint during a spiritual conference in Sedona. The leaders of the event decided at the last minute to join a nearby New Age and metaphysical festival during the day and invite people to the conference at night. Both events were held at the highest point in Sedona, on a mountaintop by the airport, and were within walking distance from each other. I wondered how we found ourselves amongst this group of people doing what we were doing.

The conference we attended was Christian, and they bought three booth spaces offering prophetic ministry alongside various New Age groups. I wasn't exactly sure what "destiny drawing" was, but I tried my best to trust God and go with it. We were told to create a drawing for each person who came into the booth and then prophesy to them, sharing God's vision and purpose for their life. It sounded exhilarating, but I had my doubts. How would I be able to draw something and know what God's vision was for the person? It all seemed beyond my abilities, and I felt reluctant to try. There was no charge for the destiny drawings, so I thought I could just draw for people and skip the prophecy part.

Drawing Inspiration From the Divine

Gallery shot of Elli Milan's solo art exhibit "Step Into the Song of Songs"

Once we were in the booth and the table was filled with pens and paper, I suggested to John that he should go first, and I would watch him for a while until I gathered the courage to try. John seemed less stressed out by everything and agreed. Our first person came forward. She was a woman in her 40s wearing a straw hat to shield her face from the sun. She sat down and watched as John began to draw.

As I watched him sketch an ocean, a sunset, and an island in the middle of the ocean, I began to sense the woman's heartache. I felt her desolation, loneliness, and regret. Before I could stop myself, I asked her, "Do you have a sister you are estranged from?" She looked up at me, tears welling in her eyes, and her lip quivered. "Yes, I do," she whispered.

I told her, "I can see your hands in rich dirt, planting. You find peace in your garden, but God wants you to know that your sister misses you and is waiting for you to open your heart to her again. You have the ability to bring life to desolate places and joy where there has been sadness." I was utterly taken aback to see her tears fall as she revealed that she keeps a garden and often thinks of her sister while working in it. She took the drawing with her and told us she would contact her sister and try to heal the relationship.

The next person came and sat down, and John began to draw while I interpreted the drawing and prophesied. Each time, the message seemed to resonate deeply, and many of the people cried. They felt loved and seen by God and left with a drawing to remember the experience and remind them of their destiny.

The Power of Prophetic Art

Gallery shot of Elli Milan's solo art exhibit "Step Into the Song of Songs"

This experience ignited a vision for my own art. More than anything, I wanted my art to resonate with the greatness and purpose often hidden within a person. If my art could break through unbelief and grip their spirit to show them their true identity, if it could unveil the blueprints of their destiny, then I would feel like I was living out my ultimate and truest destiny.

Imagine having a physical and perpetual reminder of the deep intent that you have dared to dream. That burning purpose inside you that feels so epic, the one you've sometimes ignored or pretended wasn't there and maybe even ran away from it at times. It's the dream that surfaces when you envision your very best life, where all things are possible and you are changing the world, leaving your mark.

It's the dream that riles the voice that says, "Who do you think you are?" Imagine having a painting you see every day that reminds you of your unspoiled dream, big, grand, and pure. The painting compels you to stand tall and not shrink, one that reminds you that you are not alone, and the divine muse behind the painting sees you and cares about your journey to greatness. These are the paintings I dream of creating.

Art Reflects Your True Purpose

Gallery shot of Elli Milan's solo art exhibit "Step Into the Song of Songs"

After more than 30 years of painting professionally, I had my first solo show at our Milan Art Gallery this past weekend. It was an immersive experience with food, wine pairings, and sounds of the ocean, wind, and forest permeating the atmosphere.

The gallery transformed into a glowing forest full of feast tables inspired by "Song of Songs." In the front, I displayed my Ruler series among cotton clouds that glowed with lights while butterflies danced throughout the gallery walls. I shared the inspiration behind "The Rulers" series with all the guests. I told them that Rulers are world changers, those who know they have greatness inside them and a purpose to fulfill. They are depicted with a horn to express their authority and governing power to overthrow corruption and oppression and establish everlasting justice and the dominion of love. Each painting has a title that reflects a government entity like "Justice of the Peace," "Emissary," or "Ambassador."

After I shared the inspiration behind the series, a woman approached me, intrigued by the painting of a unicorn called "Magistrate." She was about my age, with glowing silver hair, slightly wavy and layered, much like the unicorn in the painting. "I really connected with this piece, even before I saw the title," she said. She revealed that she was a lawyer who had sold her practice and was now writing, aiming to rally others in the legal system to displace corruption. She told me it was her destiny and passion to make a difference and that her dream was to realign the courts and legal structures to reflect true justice.

Pointing to the painting, I exclaimed, "That is you! Look, she even looks like you!" I explained that this painting was created for her to remind her of her destiny. Through challenges and discouragements, this painting would keep her vision alive. She agreed and loved the whole idea. That night at the show, I believe this lawyer felt seen and understood, easily identifying with "The Rulers." It's reassuring and validating to know you are not alone and that others are climbing the same mountain.

Touching Lives Through Art

Seeing how these "Destiny Drawings" have evolved over the years from that pivotal day in Sedona, which was far beyond my comfort zone, greatly reassures me that I am not solely responsible. I only need to follow my heart and paint what my gut guides me to paint.

There is a force greater than me or any greatness within me orchestrating these things, inspiring both the work and the messages. This Divine inspiration also designs our destinies and gives us our purpose. I'm in awe of the entire process and feel incredibly blessed to play a part in it.

I'm so grateful that I connected with this woman during my first solo show and learned about her mission in the legal system. I hope my art strengthens her faith and confidence, opening many doors for her to fulfill her purpose. Art is powerful and prophetic; it leaves a lasting impact and has the power to change the world forever.

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  • Anastasia

    Hello, your story of Divine inspiration touches my heart, I have always had a pull towards sacred art, Icons, angels, saints but always felt unworthy to paint them. I have, with a little guilt that this really is not for me but can not help myself. I am black African/white mother, have no real ties to both cultures, again something I need to work on. I live in Cyprus, joined an Icon class where everyone speaks Greek, I have been accepted into the class, but again question myself why am I here. I love prophetic art and feel your joy in having the experience of letting your self and John be guided by the unseen. I will try and let myself be guided more and not question why, just accept the invitation to paint beautiful images that might heal someone someday. Thank you for sharing this beautiful story.
    Elli Milan Art replied:
    Paint what you want to paint! Sometimes I know why I paint what I paint and what it means, sometimes it’s really clear and other times I paint something, someone buys it, it’s in their home or their collection and they find meaning in it and I still dont know why I painted it. Obey that inner desire or need to paint what feels right to you!

  • Connie Christopher

    I totally understand your ability to actually see the person as the entered your booth. I do this with my sunshine boxes. This ‘box’ is a beacon of hope, a hug, a word of encouragement and faith. I almost never know the person I’m creating for but I seem to nail it each time. Why. Total Devine inspiration.
    Elli Milan Art replied:
    Very cool!!!

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