"Song of Songs"

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Inspired by the Song of Solomon, this series depicts an epic tale of a Divine romance of what it is like to be pursued by the Lover of our soul, where we are emboldened to step into our destiny and live our best life.

"Awakened by the North Wind" Original Oil painting of still life, pomegranates, and sheep by Elli Milan

Song of Songs

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About Song of Solomon

“Song of Songs” was written by King Solomon around 950 BC. It is a poem about the love between two lovers. It poetically describes their courtship and eventual marriage. It is a poem encoded with symbolism and layers of meaning. It is not only about the love and intimacy of a couple, it is about our identity, where we belong, and our destiny as it describes our relationship with God as a beautiful metaphor of love between lovers.

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"Awakened by the North Wind"

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These are stunning! I love the rich colors and meanings.

His Raising Cakes Sustains Me - Original Artwrok by Elli Milan
Veronica C.

This is beyond my dreams. I have been in love with Song of Solomon for years and now you have given the Song its voice for the world to see!

"Awakened by the North Wind" - Original artwork by Elli Milan
Melody N.

There's so much in these paintings to get swept away in. Song of Songs has so much depth and layers of truth and you are bringing it to beautiful life!

"Eyes Like Doves and Lovesick" - Original artwork by Elli Milan
Jordan M.

These are wonderful and they are ravishingly beautiful! Thanks for putting these in the world!

"Browsing Among the Lillies' - Original Artwork by Elli Milan
Barbara L.

So beautiful, Elli. I could look at this series all day and get lost in them.

Terry S.

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