About the Collection

The inspiration from this series came to me a couple of years ago while I was sitting in my Airbnb in Cuomo, Italy. My son Dino and I took a trip together to celebrate his 16th birthday. I had just bought a journal and was writing some ideas down when I heard in my spirit, "Faith Breathes Underwater." I wrote it down in my journal and immediately began thinking of mermaids simply because they breathe underwater as well as from above the water.

More About the Collection

As the series began to unfold and I started to paint it this year, I felt more and more connected to its significance. At this point in my destiny, deeper faith was required of me. I believe in very big things, often feeling like I belong to two worlds.

The world of the here and now, what is tangible, and the world that is yet here that only materializes by faith. We walk out our destiny through the currency of our faith in it.

We live in a time when those who dare to step into their purpose, take risks and change the world, however small, we collectively are co-imagining a glorious future we all want to live in.

You have answered the call and stepped into an extraordinary world brimming with possibilities, adventures and fulfillment.

What collectors are saying...


This painting is SO magical in person with all the shimmery glitter!

Lisa H.

Beautiful doesn’t seem like a strong enough description. This is gorgeous and I could stare at it for hours.

Gina L.

SOOOOOO EXCITED TO BE THE OWNER OF THIS ABSOLUTE MASTERPICE!! Soul sisters forever! Thank you for painting this for me, even though you didn’t know it at the time!

Chelsea E.

Wow, the way the light filters through the water and the feeling of trusting surrender of the mermaids.

Bianca L.

Beautiful painting! Calming, peaceful, surrendering yourself to the light, allowing it to shine through you

Theresa C.

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