The Odyssey of an Artist

About the Artist

Legend has it, Elli Milan’s journey as an artist began after a revelation she had in high school. Prior to when everything changed for her, she was incapable of drawing or painting anything. Then one day her school had a guest speaker that changed her life forever. This speaker taught her how to activate her right brain and this opened the door to the creative realm for Elli. She started creating with a love and zeal for the visual arts. 

Elli attended Savannah College of Art and Design and later transferred to the University of Georgia, where she received her BFA. Since then, she has maintained a successful career as a professional artist for over 28 years and sold over 10,000 pieces of original art. Elli is married to artist John Milan and together they have raised four artist children. Their family of professional artists created the foundation of Milan Art Institute and recruited a team of exceptional and talented individuals that have helped expand the vision of the school. 

Elli Milan is passionate about empowering artists. Her powerful art inspires artists around the world to step into their true potential. She has changed the lives of over a thousand artists, helping them find their voice, and turn their passion for art into a profession. She is a leading voice of the current Art Renaissance. Elli Milan has dedicated her life to transforming our world into a prosperous atmosphere for artists everywhere.


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Founded in 2008, the Milan Art Institute is the hub of a growing art revolution. Our Institute provides community, inspiration, and education to students all over the world. Our Mastery Program has taught and helped over 10,000 students launch thriving art careers. The Milan Art Institute teaches oil painting, drawing, and mixed media techniques through our immersive learning process. From novice to professional, we help artists pursue their passion and turn it into a profitable career.

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The Mastery Program is a flexible online program designed to turn anyone with a passion for art into a successful professional artist. This program will teach you to become proficient in oil painting, drawing, and mixed media techniques through our immersive learning process combining old master’s methods and modern techniques. We’ll show you how to find your artisitic voice, develop your style, build a personal brand, and sell your art to a worldwide audience.

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