Artist Odyssey: The Grand Call to Greatness


For every artist there is a call. You feel a deep knowing within you; something greater than yourself is beckoning you to a dedication to Beauty, a commitment to personal growth, and a life of service to others. Inside every one of you is the wisdom of Athena, the poetry of Apollo, the resolve of Aries, the mercy of Prometheus, the justice of Zeus, and the heart of the now known God.

You are tormented by past failures and pain you have endured—as a result, you struggle with self-doubt. Brush in hand, you lean into your painting and bring forth a vision from the dark night. You look out to a greater strength to hold you up and help you accept the call.

You realize you are not alone. Many artists have gone before you, many will follow you, and a few are right by your side. You are inspired by the creatives around you while you hold the Divine Hand that gives you vision and creative drive. Although you doubt, you are exhilarated by the possibilities and the feeling of greatness stirring alive inside of you.


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Just as you begin your journey into this extraordinary world, you cross the threshold of your fears and doubts. They danced as shadows on the wall of your inner cave to deceive you and force you to live a small life of compromise. Yet, you are brave. You are courageous. Because although you had fear, you saw the light and moved into the truth of your destiny. Beyond this threshold, you realize your fears were only an apparition.

Your transformation begins on the other side. You seize your weapon and stand at the edge of your revolution. You look into the future and smile, knowing the world in front of you is shifting into glory. You are a culture warrior—fierce and strong—yet, you are also a lover. You can influence a generation because you love deeply and purely. You are willing to lay down your life for another and sacrifice your ego for a greater cause.

You are willing to face your monsters, expose the darkness, and eventually heal. It takes courage, humility, and the greater desire to transcend. You dig deeper and unearth all of the pain. You encounter the terrifying Cyclops of your Odyssey—it wants to devour you and stop you from completing your destiny. This is where you find your greatest purpose. This is your cause. You know that defeating your adversary will empower you to overcome.


Now that you see it, you slay this giant and carry with you the honor and reward of the overcomer. Now you walk with authority. Everyone sees your bravery, your confidence, and your power. Now the magic you release onto the canvas brings the transformation you had hoped for. Defeating your ultimate enemy has empowered you to reach unimaginable success.

Your journey brings you to the place of redemption. Your art carries the power to make the corrupted places innocent again. You have the creative force to bring peace to the broken-hearted and set the captives free. You hold the magnificence of redemption in every brushstroke.

You are legacy.

You walk among the throngs of artists who have gone before you; you learn from them in humility and hold hands with the Divine as you open the way to the future. You are leaving your mark on the world in a permanence that cannot be undone.

Now your heart is soft and tenderized by the years and experience of this hero’s journey. Now you have the elixir—the answer. You can speak to other artists with confidence that they, too, can overcome. You know that self-doubt is a lie and the Enemy is weak. You know the power other artists have inside of them and all they have to do is answer the call. You know that their destiny is guaranteed.


This has been my journey and my adventure. I knew at 15 years old I wanted to be an artist. This is when I heard the call; when I began to see myself living the life of someone who could change the world. I had tremendous self-doubt and horrible self-worth. I constantly heard a tormenting voice in my ears saying, “Who do you think you are? How dare you think you can do anything great? You're just a stupid, ugly, fat girl and no one will ever listen to you. How arrogant that you think you can be somebody. You are nothing. A little insignificant speck.”

But the call to greatness—and a nagging hope that I could do it—was unrelenting. I went to art school and crossed over into the extraordinary. As I moved through my art career and my marriage to another artist, I faced many monsters, beasts, and seducing sirens. I had to overcome my fears and pain. The most difficult of all was my lack of self-worth. I saw how the pain and trauma created this in me and left the stain of lies that I chose to believe that limited me.

Finally at age 30, after 10 years of growth and healing, I knew my worth. I understood I was worthy of a great life. I had value and significance. I could be great and I could change the world. My life could be a roadmap for others. As I achieved, my successes would be a gift for others. I was pioneering a road that others could follow. It wasn't arrogance or self-aggrandizement. Greatness is a service and all are called to greatness.


You have greatness inside of you. You are significant. You are incredibly valuable to this world and the heavens above.

You will achieve even greater feats than me. All together, like a movement, our big romantic dreams will color the world with immense beauty to such heights that will bring heaven and earth into one realm.

This is our Artist Odyssey!


book unemployable: the odyssey of an artist by elli milan


  • Beverly Feinblum

    I have been wanting to do this for so long. Thank you for the opportunity.
    I can’t wait to get started.
    Elli Milan Art replied:
    That’s awesome, Beverly! Excited for you!

  • Shannon Juliano

    I love this and all the messages and inspirations you have been sharing from MAI. Beautiful family! Beautiful work! For such a time as this..,

  • Pat Burns

    You are opening up my eyes & heart to ways of expressing my inner self. I’ve begun your Mastery Program & am excited to learn more… even though I have been a professional artist for many years. Blessings on you & your dream!!

  • Silvia M.

    Oh, Eli, my younger daughter, Anca, forwarded me your link earlier this year, and I am so grateful for this. You felt somehow familiar to me and I kept watching anything you posted thinking “who is this strong lady?” Your art was different than what social media would promote, and different is my soft spot. Thank you for being so vulnerable as it resignations with many. I’m learning so much from you and your family and I see great improvement already. I can’t wait to register for the Master Program as well.

  • Mireia

    Beautiful, profound and empowering text. To be able to transform my shadows and fears into light and beautiful art. This is my dream!

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