Knowing Your Superpower is Your Gift to the World

Artist World Changer Elli Milan

Before you were even born, while you were being fashioned in your mother’s womb, your superpower was threaded into your DNA and woven into your very essence.

This is your gift to the world.

This superpower is what your whole life is about. It is what makes you a catalyst—a fine-tipped arrow inserted strategically into every situation and circumstance you live out. Every experience you live through and every relationship you are a part of, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, waits for the opportunity to be changed and improved by your superpower. Your superpower is your purpose in life; it is why you are here and how you will change the world.

Your vocation, talents, aptitudes, and work are just vehicles through which your superpower can operate. Whether you are a nurse, engineer, shop clerk, business owner, or artist, you will operate in your superpower through your work. It is so important to understand and know what your superpower is so that you can move in it with confidence and authority.

Overcoming Obstacles to Embrace Your Superpower

Oftentimes, we are discouraged from displaying our superpower. We are told:

“Who do you think you are?”

“Don’t be showy, arrogant, or think you are anyone special who can change anything.”

The moment we begin to shine, there is a dark voice lurking nearby that aims to shut us down.

You were born with a cape, or mantle, of your God-given superpower and you wore this mark. The enemy of your heart and destiny saw this and set out to destroy it—to diminish you, thwart you, and sabotage your life. The attacks came through trauma, discouragement, broken relationships, harmful words, oppression, abuse, prejudice, judgment, or assault. You lived through it as a toddler, a small child, a teenager, and a young adult.

The difficulties came in patterns and themes from family members, relatives, school teachers, church leaders, and other authorities you were supposed to respect. It was like a dark hand that landed on the people in our lives and set out to make us hurt—and we were really hurt, sometimes devastated. We cried, we were angry, and we were afraid. Our superpower sat inside of us, dormant, asleep, and unused.

Some of us didn’t want to be victims or remain fearful or frustrated. We saw our flaws and imperfections as opportunities to grow and change. We hoped for things to be different. We worked on our habits, mindsets, and beliefs. We became people of faith and hope who anticipated the possibilities, believed in our dreams, and pursued our passions. We began to heal. We chose to forgive. We made a courageous and selfless choice to live on the other side of our pain. We overcame our circumstances and our traumas.

As overcomers, we carry tremendous confidence and authority in our area of what was once pain and defeat but is now a victory. The authority comes from our defiance and courage to not allow our past difficulties to rule our future. We stripped them of their power, and we made a public spectacle of them by forgiving and moving forward. They have no voice or platform to influence. Our superpower is emboldened, maturing, and changing lives.

Finding My Worth and Purpose

"Eyes Like Doves and Lovesick" original oil painting by Elli Milan inspired the "Song of Songs"

Before I was even born, my destiny was written in the stars; it told the story of my great overcoming and my valiant feats of perseverance. My superpower was already given to me: to empower others to know their worth.

I grew up in a Greek family where I believed the lie that, as a second-born female, I had little value or worth. I wasn’t worth protecting, my dreams weren’t important, and I needed to live a life that was already chosen for me. I had to get good grades and go to a good college so I could meet a doctor, lawyer, or engineer to marry. I should have two kids, put my dreams on a shelf, and be a support to my husband who would take care of me. My Greek father meant well and only had the best intentions for me and my life, but I believed that I was worthless and would never survive in life without a man who was educated and ambitious.

Somewhere inside of me was a very small seed that was planted by my mother that I could be anything I dreamed to be and I had greatness inside of me. My father’s words overshadowed everything I did until my twenties. It was then that I started to feel the greatness and purpose inside of me expanding.

I got a vision for my life that I would be a part of a huge movement in art that would span the globe. I had enough rebellion in me to marry an artist instead of an engineer and begin to challenge the lies of my worthlessness. It took nearly two decades of soul work and connecting with God before I knew my value. I experienced breakthrough after breakthrough, and my identity shifted forever. My husband and I enjoyed years of success selling our artwork and living our dream.

I realized about ten years ago that the greatest pain in my life—feeling worthless and insignificant—became my superpower. I realized I had an aptitude to inspire others; I was able to show them that they, too, had value, worth, and a purpose. I have helped many artist entrepreneurs identify their biggest pain and know their superpower.

Step Into Your Destiny

Artist World changer Elli Milan

Our superpower is our gift to the world. This is our cause. It just might be politics or religion or the environment or animal rights, but it also might not. It might be acceptance, facing fear or inclusion, overcoming self-limitations, pushing boundaries, freedom, or a thousand other superpowers. This is where we have our authority and our conviction—because we have overcome. Whatever foe we have battled and won, we will rule over. This is just how it is. Knowing our superpower is crucial to our purpose, and our businesses are our various vehicles for expressing it.

This is an invitation. This is a door opening for you to a wild, incredible adventure.

Step into your destiny. Live on the other side of your pain. Forgive, let go, and even forget. Keep your pain and injustices as far from you as possible. Let a higher power be the one who will even the scales for your injustice and for your betrayals. Live a victorious life, expressing your superpower in all that you do.

Be a living defiance.

You cannot be stopped, diminished, or held back any longer.

You have crossed the threshold and stand at the edge of what you are living for.

What unique superpower do you believe you were born with, and how has it manifested in your life?



  • Diane Hewitt

    Elli, Your words mean more than you could ever know. I believe my Super Power is my Intuition. I can read a room in a moment, and immediately know who I can trust. And, if I feel safe there, I can reveal my truth to complete strangers. I think art brings out the best part of me. My intuitive brush strokes carry me to a place of peace and joy. My forgiveness for be those who caused trauma in my life, and overcoming those negative events in my life through God’s grace and therapy, opened my door to finding you, and being fully ready to benefit from your Mastery Program to expand my skills, and hear your many words of wisdom. Thank you for always being so generous in everything you do, and helping so many of us find true success and happiness in a turbulent world. Diane ✨🎨💞
    Elli Milan Art replied:
    Hi Diane, thank you for your thoughtful response! I feel like art bring out my best self too! Creating is a spiritual encounter that recalibrates me! Intuitive brushstrokes are powerful! They are a part of your superpower as well!

  • Kandace Krause

    Life in general and day-to-day living is so much more meaningful if you have a sense of purpose. I think my superpower is in helping people find the right words to express a thought or feeling whichin return helps them feel better about themselves. I help people turn their thinking from a negative into a positive which helps them see a different, healthier perspective.

  • Melody


  • Sally Bowen

    I would like to know you better! Because I like what you have to say. I am transformative. I suppose that is a superpower because I have been able to heal from a tremendous amount of trauma. I am now old. I wanted to bring healing to others, but maybe in the next life. But even now I am able to provide comfort and kindness. I would be proud to claim kindness as a superpower!!

  • Judy Grant

    Hi Elli,
    Thank you so much for your positivity!
    Again, congratulations on the arrival of your beautiful grandson!
    I believe my superpower is helping people who have been hurt- whether it be students, friends or people I meet randomly. My saviour has been my art- especially colour! I love beautiful lines, colours and shapes! Thanks to you and Milan Art Institute, I have increased my practice of all things creative and am bringing more art into my life!
    Beauty in all forms brings happiness!!
    Thank you. ❤️🌸

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