Discover the Art Movement That is Taking Over the World Today

Everyone wants to know what is the next Major Art Movement? What is its name?

So far every art movement has been contained within the Art World establishment. Whether it was Rococo, Impressionism, Dada, or Pop Art, each movement was confined to the art world; from the outside, non-artists peered in, trying to understand the movement within the context of other art movements. Even street art has been snatched up by the establishment, making Bansky its token mascot. Most movements centered around the elements of art and placed an emphasis on the constructive or deconstructive expression of line, form, color, light, perspective, or some other important attribute.

The current movement that has already started—and will change the world forever—is much different. It’s something we’ve never seen before.

What is an art movement and what causes a new one to emerge?

For the last 30-40 years, art critics and advisors have pondered what the next art movement could be and have been ready to name it so they, too, can get a line in an art history book. In 1917, Marcel Duchamp declared “Art is dead,” while submitting a urinal signed “R. Mutt” into an art show. Since then, every working artist has aimed to prove him wrong with the latest possible movement. The 20th century saw a rash of movements and mini-movements mostly driven, coined, and promoted by the same elitist system that Duchamp challenged (later becoming its darling). Today art historians attribute most modern movements to Duchamp’s influence and post-modern movements to the reaction of these movements.

What is an art movement anyway—and what causes it? Is it just 4 to 5 artists getting together and all painting alike? Does it require a manifesto? Is it more profound and magical? A brewing undercurrent within culture that touches the tips of brushes and boomlike the Big Bang we have a new universe of expression and a quippy name to follow? What effect do art movements have over time? Is this how we mark the ages? The progress or degradation of culture, and the meaning of life? What could be the next movement? Why haven't there been any significant movements since Minimalism?

Was Duchamp right? Is art truly dead?

Art is Alive and Well. Art is Among Us and Within Us. 

mixed media oil painting of angle, lotus flowers and cosmos

Just look around. What do you see literally everywhere? Open Instagram and scroll. Walk the streets and look at the walls. Go into any restaurant, hotel, bank, or public establishment—what is on every wall? Look at the people. What do you see? What adorns the skin of their arms?

Art is NOT dead.

It is alive and well, everywhere you look. Art is among us and within us. Art is profoundly accessible. It is no longer hidden in palaces, sacred places, or museums. It is available in every form imaginable and can be at your door, ready-to-hang, with just a click. No need for academies, salons, or universities; art instruction can be found on your phone while you are waiting for the bus. Art is for all and by all. Everyone can make art. It is not just for the select who are deemed talented, but the ones whose passions drive their work ethic to create beautiful things.

The Unveiling of a New Epoch

So if art is not dead, what is the next movement? Or better yet, when is it?

It is already here.

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes of Robert Ryman’s blank white canvas and the multitude of fragments and splinters of an-art-movement-a-minute in the ‘60s and ‘70s, the Mother of all art movements arises. It transcends all prior movements and begins to hold ground in the realm of Epoch, Era, or Age. It’s so incredibly ubiquitous that it breaks through the space of art and presides over all culture, economics, and politics. This movement is so significant it makes the art world no longer its own world.

This movement is so epic, world-changing, universal, and undeniable that no one will miss it. It is filling the earth and hitting every corner.

It rivals the Information Age, the Dark Ages, or even the Renaissance. This supposed new age of Artificial Intelligence pales in comparison. It cannot be contained, smothered, or stopped. It is not Republican or Democrat. It is owned by no one and answers to none. This movement has never been seen before and will never leave us. Once it has reached adulthood, it will never die.

The Art Movement Will Saturate the Earth

mixed media painting of angel with wings set to cosmic backdrop

It is more than a Movement or an Age. It is Divinely inspired and has been prophesied since ancient times. With it comes the guarantee of freedom and personal liberty for all—the guarantee of prosperity, abundance, and peace. Wherever there is an amplification of creativity, there is freedom. Where there is freedom, there is non-restricted prosperity. Where there is non-restricted prosperity, there is peace.

The next art movement does not need to be named because it named itself. IT IS its name.

Art Movement.

That’s it. That’s all it needs to be. It does not belong to the elite. It does not belong to any style, element, or subgroup. It belongs to all of us. And that’s why it’ll be the last Art Movement.

It is simply… ART, and it will saturate the Earth.

Welcome to the Art Movement.

What is your favorite art movement throughout history?

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  • Maria Zervas

    Thank you for all of this great information. I was inspired by Helen Frankenthyler when in art college, infant my tutor gifted me her book because of the style I was exploring.

  • Gretchen Sharples

    I love this! When you said, “IT IS” made me think of I AM. Those of us who Know (ginosko) where our Source comes from. Who our Source is, we will lead the movement! We (He through us) will touch lives and permeate homes with a message through our art that only He can embed in each canvas!

  • Melody Nydam

    Yes. You nailed it. HALLELUJAH!

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