Your Personal Prophetic Painting

A revelatory work of art that speaks about your unique destiny and your greatness

What is a prophetic painting?

Original artwork has the power to transform. The art that you live with speaks to you deeply. It bypasses your intellect, touches your soul and stirs your spirit. Words can’t always describe how a painting affects us. 

A prophetic painting brings the far things near. The intent behind a prophetic painting is to glean from the realm beyond, what we see concretely and materialize it in a visual form. It is a personal message just for you from a spiritual place. This message is so deeply personal and poignant that it brings welcomed change and breakthrough. A prophetic painting lives in our heart as a daily reminder of what we were created for and our purpose on earth.

"To shine light on the human heart is the profession of the artist" -Robert Schumann, composer

How does it work?

Step 1: Email Elli with your inquiry, stating your preferences and input

Step 2: Pay 20% deposit

Step 3: Receive photos of progress and final piece within 60 days

Step 4: 100% satisfaction guaranteed, or money back, pay remaining balance

Step 5: Painting is insured and shipped to your door

All Paintings are custom made, on strecthed gallery wrapped canvas. Paintings are original and done in with Oil Paint. The price is $5 per sq. inch.

Prophetic Art Inquiry

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