The Future is Now: Seizing the Opportunities in Today’s Digital Age

Mixed Media Abstract Oil Painting of an elephant and woman on a tightrope by artist Elli Milan.

The world is changing fast. The exchange of information and the ability to express ideas is now instant. New technology, apps, and features are created daily. Money and wealth are generated outside of traditional channels and job markets in nearly every country. Most people have side hustles, an Airbnb, an Etsy shop, Patreon, Udemy, or an Amazon business, and have found ways to monetize almost anything they love to do.

Now AI is rapidly scaling everything and causing shifts and changes faster than anyone can keep up with. On top of that, the prospect of an average person owning a quantum computer is just around the corner. We can now sell not only physical products but also digital products. There's commerce, e-commerce, and now Metaverse commerce.

Feeling overwhelmed and left behind? Are you scared about the future and where all this technology might take us, or how it could change the world if it falls into the wrong hands?

These are all valid concerns, but also reasons to inspire and motivate us to occupy and dominate!

Empowering Culture Through Art Collectors and Patrons

Art collectors and patrons are in a unique position to champion culture while safeguarding its sanctity. There is so much wealth being created in this time of transition and change, and artists now have incredible tools and outlets to share their work and influence.

Reimagining the Art Gallery Experience With the Metaverse

Mixed Media Abstract Oil Painting of an elephant and cityscape by artist Elli Milan.

Imagine an art gallery in the Metaverse where you put on your Oculus goggles and step into a branded world brimming with the art you love. The entire environment is saturated with what you love most about the artist you collect.

As a devoted advocate for animals, imagine a virtual space where amazing art doesn’t live on the walls of a stuffy gallery but is showcased in the savanna plains, with lions, zebras, and giraffes strolling beside you as you gaze at the beautiful artwork that honors and brings spirit to these animals. You then see a door in the grasslands and walk through to the other side to find yourself in a jungle with tigers, elephants, and gorillas, and more artwork is displayed.

Your eyes fixate on a painting of a magnificent elephant, leaving you utterly captivated. You can't move. You see your destiny within the brushstrokes. You look at the signature at the bottom and know it is the one. You reach out and touch the animated "Collect" button that appears. Now you are inside a well-designed living room with a fireplace warming the room with light. Your newly acquired painting hangs over the fireplace as you admire its beauty in the perfectly appointed room.

One more click and you access information about the painting, read the Smart contract, and see the terms of the NFT that serves as your Smart receipt for the artwork. You see options for prints and other merchandise for yourself or as gifts for friends and family.

With one final click, your NFT is safely in your wallet, the artist is compensated, and your physical painting of the elephant is on its way to your address, ready to hang over your fireplace. The moment you lay eyes on the original painting, the one touched by a passionate soul who lovingly poured her heart into every brushstroke, you become undone. You are overwhelmed with gratitude to own the one and only original. You scan your phone over the tiny QR code embedded in the signature, and it directs you to your NFT.

Safeguarding the Sancity of New Technology 

Mixed Media Abstract Oil Painting of an elephant and woman by artist Elli Milan.

Scams, manipulators, and dishonest people are all an unfortunate part of reality. There is no way to avoid this while functioning with new technology, but it has become easier than ever to expose such people. The more of us who are genuine, hardworking, and full of integrity occupy these spaces the harder it will be for manipulators to cheat and steal. We have each other's back. The worst thing we can do is run away from technology and refuse to be a part of it. That is how it will be given over to evil-doers.

Embracing Technology for a Thriving Future

When good people bury their heads in the sand, look the other way, or reject what is new, what is evil begins to grow and proliferate. We can use this technology to reach more people, share our hearts with humanity, and elevate what is hand-hewn and authentic, making it even more valuable. Both artists and patrons stand to thrive and become the most sought-after in this new world of AI and the Metaverse.

Now more than ever, people will seek what is true, noble, just, hopeful, loving, and life-giving. They will seek what is authentic, handcrafted, genuine, and serves connection. Both artists and patrons are positioned to not only lead culture but to protect it!

Don’t shy away from this responsibility and opportunity!

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